Women's Voltaje 1/8" Flex Perimeter Slider Left Handed


$223.25 USD $229.55 USD
Item #: C1547-LL-050

VOLTAJE shoes provide ultimate foot support through the innovation of Active Arch Technology. The contoured midsole, memory foam, and reinforced wear zone increase support for all levels of play. VOLTAJE curling shoes are available in black with white highlights. Available in 1/8” Flex Perimeter Slider, 1/16” Split Slider, and Double Grippers.

  • Active Arch Technology
  • Lightweight Mesh uppers 
  • New Contoured Mid-Sole
  • Reinforced Wear Zone
  • Durable Toe Coating
  • Enhanced Eyelets
  • HEXA Gripper pods on gripper foot
  • Memory foam insoles
  • Right-handed and left-handed options

These Left-handed shoes are for curlers who throw the stone with their left hand, with a slider on the right foot and a gripper on the left foot.


Rating: Novice - Intermediate



Available Sizes: 5 to 10 (Full sizes only)

Shoe Width: Standard (Medium) Width

Special Offer

Add a Hexa Gripper for only $9.55 when ordering a new pair of shoes. That's a savings of almost 55% off the suggested retail price. Also, we will automatically match the proper gripper for your shoe size.

Made out of high-quality Thermal Rubber, the Olson's Hexa Gripper is far superior in grip and durability to any other gripper currently on the market.


Note: Left-handed shoes are a special order due to low demand (less than 4% of curlers throw the stone left-handed). Please add seven business days to the estimated date of arrival.