About Us

Whether we help get the Stone on the finger or a Rock on the ice, HTTP WEB SALES INC. is here to help, with Rock Solid Commitment to Customer Care.

HTTP WEB SALES Inc. is proud to show off our new logo created to celebrate 20 years of Wedding sales. From humble beginnings on a cold day in February 1997, we first branched into e-commerce in the fall of 1998. It was only a few years after the birth of e-commerce, thus making us a pioneer in the industry. In fact, we are now the oldest continuously operating wedding supply company on the internet.

In 2006 one of our owners, who is an avid curler, suggested selling curling supplies. At the time, there wasn't much available online, and curling was quickly becoming Canada's third national sport. So in the fall of 2006, we started selling curling supplies, online.

It became a bit of a curiosity for our curlers and at first wondering why they were receiving calls from a Wedding Company. It became a topic of interest in our operations selling both Curling and Wedding items. As the years went by, our customer’s confusion dwindled, and we were just known to operate both lines of business. Now we are well known in the industry for selling both product lines and seldom get questioned about this.

Selling both Wedding & Curling items has become an attractive trademark for our origins, and a unique part of who we are. So as we branch out into other areas, we wanted to take pride and to give tribute to “Our Curling-Bride” as we mark the first two decades, of selling online.

All the Best to both our Curling and Wedding customers.