PYRO Flat Shaft Fiberlite Brooms


$99.50 USD $101.95 USD

PYRO's streamlined design incorporates a skeletal construction and a structural insert to maximize strength and weight distribution. The result is ultimate effectiveness! Five NEW design colours to choose from! Olson's Fiberlite Flat-Shaft handles provide exceptional grip, ensuring comfortable hand placement. 

  • 5 Newly Designed Handle Color Options  
  • Completely unique comfort grip handle ensures proper hand placement



  • Handle = 240 grams
  • 7 New Ignite PYRO pad colors for recreational play
  • Black or White Shell, grey ABS insert
  • For competitive curlers - see our Curling Broom section "Replacement Pads & Sleeves" for the WCF Approved Pyro Pad


Make an impression by switching up the Ignite PYRO pads and colored insert in your PYRO broom head.   Inserts can be purchased separately from our Curling Brooms Section under Replacement Pads.