FG360 Air Curling Broom


$84.95 USD 
Item #: FG360-BLU-100

Goldline's FG360 Air curling brooms are the most innovative and effective sweeping tool available for the beginning curler looking for a low-cost curling broom with a head that allows 360° rotation. 

  • The FG 360 Air broom is a great introductory level curling broom.
  • Features a strong fiberglass handle that is budget friendly and easy to use.

  • Equipped with the innovative Air 2.0 head, featuring a spring lock system for quick head replacement, and a snap system that facilitates quick and easy pad replacement.

  • The Head Design allows for 360° rotation for maximum effectiveness.

  • Includes a matching Airway pad, the evolution of the renowned Norway Pad to provide optimal dependability and effectiveness for the recreational curler.
  • The Air 2.0 head has been approved for use in WCF sanctioned events when paired with an Air Pro pad (sold separately).

  • The FG 360 Air broom is available with 1" or 1 1/8" diameter handles.

Although fiberglass handles are the heaviest option, with the switch to the all-new Air 2.0 head design, Goldline FG360 Air brooms are comparable in weight to the more expensive composite curling brooms with traditional oval heads.

The most significant factor that impacts curling broom pricing is the material used for the handle. Fiberglass is the least expensive, but heaviest option currently available. Composite handles are the mid-range option that strikes a balance between weight and price, and 100% carbon fiber handles are the top-of-the-line alternative.