Men's Karlstad Curling Pants


$89.95 USD 
Item #: KARLS-28

  • Brushed stretch fabric lets your move naturally.
  • Four-way stretch.
  • No elastic in the waist.
  • 95% polyester, 5% spandex
  • Notched hem fits comfortably over footwear.
  • Front and back pockets.
  • Standard fit. Button Fly. Machine Wash.

The new men's Karlstad pant from Goldline is designed specifically to meet the demands of curlers, balancing athletic performance, warmth, style and fashion. The Karlstad look great and will keep you warm when you're out on the ice.  They are also ideal for light duty outdoor use, such as show shoveling, hiking or playing with the kids (or grandkids!) in the snow.


Available Sizes:  

Size 28: Waist Measures 28 and 36"