Goldline Carbon Fiber Curling Broom Handles - Blue, Red & White


$84.95 USD 
Item #: HANDL-CF-BLU-100

Available in 1" and 1 1/8" outside diameter Handles.

  • Replacement Air Head curling broom handle.

  • Keep your existing head and upgrade to Goldline's lightest handle.

  • Replace your broken handle.

  • Sold as a broom handle only (Head not included).

Goldline's Curling Carbon Fiber Curling Broom Handles are used to replace a broken handle or keep your existing head and upgrade from a heavier carbon fiber  handle to a lighter handle while saving money by using your existing Airhead broom head.

Carbon Fiber composite handles are lighter and stronger than  Fiberlite or Fiberglass.  More of your energy will be transferred directly into the ice, making you more effective.  You'll also tire less quickly thanks to the weight savings.

These handles come in standard 1" and 1 1/8" external diameters, and are compatible with all Air Style broom heads, such as the Air Head, Air Head X, and any newer Excaliber and Saber heads that has a push-button release mechanism.