Air Head X


$42.50 USD 
Item #: AIRHX-BLK-100

  • Sweep more effectively for weight, thanks to a 16% increase in surface area when compared to the Air 

  • The Air Head X features the same advanced construction and materials as the already popular Air Head.

  • Features a sliding bar to accommodate any angle of the broom at delivery.

  • Works exclusively with the Airway X and Air Pro X pads from Goldline Curling. Fully WCF compliant when paired with Air Pro X pads.

  • This is a replacement head that will fit on existing handles of either 1" or 1 1/8" diameter.

The Air Head X from Goldline curling features all of the advanced construction and materials of the Air Head. A 16% increase in pad surface area makes this a very effective tool when sweeping for weight. 

Match this Air Head X pad with an Airway X pad for the ultimate sweeping tool at the recreational level. You can quickly and easily switch to the Air Pro X pad when you play in a league or event that requires WCF compliance. 

The addition of a sliding bar accommodates any angle of the broom at delivery.

This listing is for the Air Head X only or a choice of Airway X Curling Pads. The head will fit your existing 1" or 1 1/8" handle.